Python is for the children.

So what are the programming languages that used to be taught at school? The way I remember the path for a young developer is to learn the immortal programming language. LOGO the turtle, is about a turtle (althought even as a kid it look like a triangle) start drawing vector based on basic instrucctions.

Another interesting language at elementary schools across the world was KAREL the robot, which was fun, and usually the first steps before graduating into BASIC where they actually start writing more interesting programs more than developing withing a container.

So you can relieve those memories and if you have kids you can actually looking for reproducing that same experience, you can turn into a couple of programming languages. One of them is PYTHON, who rebuild the LOGO experience with PyLOGO which is a reimplementation of the logo turtle but this time is a python turtle. Python is a more modern computer language so your kid will move faster than the national computer curriculum and instead of re-learning new languages he can actually graduate a great Pythonista.

The other interesting program is PyKAREL also know as the Guido Van Rossum Robot (talk about self centricity). Actually GVRR was created by somebody else, anyway the program is pyKarel and follows the same programming path as pyLOGO.