My 5 step GNU/Linux incursion program

So after having a lot of experience with Windows people wanting to move to Linux. I am listing a 5 step program to get used to Linux. Linux is not Windows, and for many users it needs to click in order to understand the differences.

So here is the list that I compiled on how to taste linux, get into it, understand it, practice it and finally migrated to it.

Installing free software for windows – this is the first step, totally windows supported apps that will help you feel at home when you run linux. Firefox,, Thunderbird, Gimp, Cygwin all this are available for windows. – This is a free service that will put a Linux desktop on your PC without touching your PC sort of a remote desktop into a linux desktop running KDE.

  • Live CDs – Live cds will run off your ram and wont touch windows this is useful to learn about different distributions.
  • Qemu on Windows – Is an emulator that will allow you to virtualize the process of installing linux on a fake virtual computer.
  • Dual Booting Linux – Having linux and windows running is the ‘standard’ of most linux users. This is great to still go back to windows for emergencies.
  • Running linux everywhere – You drop windows and you are completely migrated into linux, u master all ur needs on linux and u are happy living free.

Please be sure to check on some of the pics of the different implementations of this.