Looking at Linkedin


I recently join the growing LinkedIn network. The idea is simple, put monster.com and myspace.com together and you have LinkeIn. The site has a good reuse of the vision that brought the sudden boom of dating websites.

Business is like marriage, the relationship between employers and employee or between partners can well be suited to the match making sites. You have people with skills scattered across the globe and sometimes this globe gets really small. So the point is for people to promote each other through their network and then apply for a job that has the peer recomendation from co-workers, clients, vendors etc.

This type of dynamic in theory works great, in reality might be another story. However the proposal was too good to ignore so I jumped in. As far as I got there, I saw a lot of my ex-colleages, ex-employers and current employers already there.

I had an instant network of 10 people wtih almost 50 in queue.

I also work with the OpenOffice.org community and also found a large percentage of my network in there. I also decide to pull people into linkedin starting with family and friends. Hope this picks up and of course expand new business opportunities.