Setting up an presentation for Developers


Lately I have been working on a presentation for FLISOL 2007. I will be giving a conference about development on Now I dont know much about general programming, so this might be a great challenge. So far I have been reading the wiki, and the videos from OOoCon.

So far I’ve seen Laurent Godard site as well as presentations at OOOCon. The way the development in OOoCon breaks down divide themselves into three different areas.

  • OOo API development
  • OOo Macros development
  • OpenDocument (XML) development

I plan to focus on the Macro development and collect much of the tools that developers work at. I hope to attract more and more devleopers and plan to show some snippet of code, manage components, and do a tour through the IDE.

For the code snippets I plan to give examples from the different languages that the macros can work on specially Python and OOoBasic. I am not sure if this talk will be recorded but it will be nice to have it in a podcast form or even better on Video. But at least I will bring my camera so I can get pictures of my talk. I will also post the presentation somewhere on the net and report back.