My talk in Oaxaca, Mixteca


So about 2 weeks ago I had a talk at the 2nd Linux Simposium at Universidad de la Mixteca in Oaxaca. I recently found some of the pictures from the event and here are some of pictures from me giving the talk. The overal talk was awesome got a lot of good feedback from it. Everyone seemed very interested and they all had great comments on it.

I also did a workshop which had some issues at the beginning but end spending a great time with the office suite and the task we try to do. The main point was haivng a mailmerge using a mysql database, however the people from the event didnt download either java or mysql or the from the site. We did it using hsqldb and then did the task but it was somehow incomplete. However I spend time giving them a tour throught he suite, the IDE, the change recording and versioning etc.

So the talk was mainly about the way the community is structured, the way that community is divided, and how to contribute back depending on your speciality. If you become a developer or an artist or a marketer or just want advocate or support fellow users.

The second part of my talk also included a test case from Universidad de Murcia and the Softcatala project. It was a no so hidden scheme on how that speciality university could migrate to a free software environment.