GOOogle y


GOOogle has been having a lot of relationship lately with the community. Recently the announcement of the inclusion of the projects into Google Summer of Code.

A Special page was created to hold this projects within the site.

On other news OpenDocument Text format are now recognized by Gmail, this is a strong initiative saying that this company is really backing up open standards.

Finally a lil tip for all you users to google search a word within

  • The next step is to have the right search engine configured. You do this by going to Tools > Options > Internet >Search. The search option will help you choose the search engine to use. So now we will be choosing the search engine we want. If you want a custom engine like Wikipedia you can choose to add it.
  • Once we choose the engine and click OK we can open a document select a term and then with the text marked we can click on Search. This will open a browser and show the result of the text.