An Update on OOoCon2007


This email was posted today by Jordi, lead of the conference for 2007 event:

Yesterday we had the first meeting to organise the conference. I’m sending
the minutes of the meeting and next steps to the list.


Attendants: Jordi Matas (UB), Isabel Àlvarez (UB), Josep Figols (Sun), Critina Montserrat
(Sun), Jesús Corrius (Softcatalà/, Jordi Mas (Softcatalà) i Anna Grau

UB stands for Universitat de Barcelona

Ignasi Labastida (could not attend)

Issues discussed

Organisation team

The organisation team are UB, Sun, and Softcatalà.

UB assigns Ignasi Labastida and Isabel Àlvarez to coordinate the efforts with the

Sun assigns Joan Carles Agusti (was not in the meeting) to coordinate the efforts with
Sun Microystems.

Jesús Corrius will keep leading the effort from Softcatalà with help from Anna Grau and
Jordi Mas.

Fix the dates for the conference

  • Final dates are 19th, 20th and 21th of September
  • The 23rd of September is bank holiday in Barcelona. There is a very extensive program
    or cultural activities for the day.
  • 20th of September inauguration with local authorities

Classrooms requirements
The following classrooms have been requested:

  • A classroom for the keynotes. Capacity: 180 people (Aula Magna)
  • Two smaller classrooms with capacity for 50 people
  • Also we have the classrom “Ramón y Cajal” (for 15/30 people) available.

All the classrooms must have Wifi Internet connection and a projector.

Meals and coffee

  • Request budget to the local University Cafeteria for the conference. Basically Coffe
    and some pastry. Twice a day (breakfast and afternoon snack).
  • What to do with meals? People can have lunch on their own and then we can have
    sponsored dinners (e.g. Novell is interested in sponsoring one).
  • Define requirements for inauguration day (cava, pastry, etc). It is possible to
    celebrate it in the garden (nice weather and environment).


  • We can have posters (DIN A3 size) during the conference days indicating who to get into
    the classrooms. Same posters can be used for promoting the days before the conference
    between students.
  • We can have a large poster in the frontdoor of the building. 13 meters by 1.5. Its cost
    is around 800 euros.

*** Next steps


  • Get a name of an international coordinator of the Conference and also is
    a Sun employee. (Jesús Corrius).
  • Get the exact number of people that attended to the conference last year and the number
    of people that required cheap lodging.
  • We all agree that having stands makes no much sense. Find out who is interested in the
    stands and if they were successful in previous conferences. May me make sense to change
    them for commercial presentations of the companies and their efforts regarding or success cases. (Jesús Corrius)
  • Get the Wiki at linked in Softcatalà (Jordi) and also in
    (Jesus Corrius).
  • Write the Drupal Conference folks and inform them of the final dates for the conference
    (Jesus Corrius)
  • Talk to Vilaweb and offer them to cover the event using a special bloc (Jordi). Also
    talk to la Malla ràdio if they want to do the program from the event one day (Jordi)
  • Make an initial budget for the event (Jordi)
  • Create a list of tasks to do and a assign a person to them (Anna)
  • Contact Ignasi Labastida (Anna)
  • Phone CSIC hall of residence to ask for accomodation (Anna)
  • Check the total cost of Kiberpipa (Jordi / Jesús)
  • Look after the budget and also sponsors (Jordi Mas).
  • Look after posters and the printed version of the program (Anna Grau).

Give us the e-mail address of Joan Carles Agusti

UB (Isabel Àlvarez)

  • List of nearby restaurants ordered by prices
  • Reserve rooms for those days (aula magna is already reserved).
  • Request budget to the local University Cafeteria for the conference. Basically Coffe
    and some pastry for threee days (twice a day).
  • Give us the name of their last manufacturer for the posters.
  • Ask if it is possible to lodge some people in its halls of residence. How many people?
  • Ask prices and disponibility for their Audiovisual services