MS Vista Aero vs. Beryl

Is interesting how many people will are in awe with Vista but probably will never meet what is on Linux with Beryl and XGL. So with Vista you get about 5 new effects, maybe the thumb generation, the windows fliping on a deck-like card manner.

However Beryl has probably 100 effects, between the famous rotating virtual cubes, wobbling windows, and great animations.

Vista will probably eat your pants off when it ocmes to hardware, it will ask for more than 1GB of ram just to run. Linux on the flipside, will just require 250 mb of ram with an NVIDIA and ATI card.

So maybe people will never know about this project, but if you got to this blogpost, you are not one of them. So if you really want a 3d experience you should check out youtube and look at the many videos about XGL and Beryl.