XML is the Future

Having seen Svante Schubert talk about XML filters within OpenOffice.org the light bulbs always go on. Basically the theory that OOo might become an incredible WYIWYG XML editor to develop process and deploy schemas across the board is facinating.

Schemas such as ebXML, UBL, LegalXML and many others will be able to have a front-view thanks to the development of these filters.

OOo might find a nitch which includes the standarization of business process across companies, web services or servers that simply this process, assemble reports and finally make the OpenDocument format a format not restricted to the Office suite but also a default format for accesing and viewing data across the board.

We do still need a common-ground framework and eventually have the XML schema itself mature a bit more. I can see a business opportunity to develop ODF based components software and services to consume this data on a rather added value services.

On other news is actually intersting seen engineers from Sun and IBM working hand in hand to make OOo fly.