OOoCon2006 in France, I might not go :UPDATE `wp_posts` SET `post_title` =

OOoCon 2006 is already getting shape the talks are out and there might be soon an IRC too keep everyone informed about the last changes. I am glad to see so many people showing the enthusiasm on this regarding the future of OOo. However I think that my budget wont allow me to actually make that trip. It seems the cost of going to europe might be too pricey to afford. This will be the itinerary if any:

  • Flight ticket to Mexico City 200 USD
  • Flight ticket to Europe back and forth 1200 USD
  • Transportation in europe 200 USD
  • Hotel and meals 400 USD

This will make a grand total of 2000 USD which might be ok however, after some personal plans that I have for August I might have to skip what would be my third OOoCon.