Finally back

So finally after a huge, hiatus, this blog is back. Sorry for the delay but I am finally back. Sadly some post got lost since I was never able to get the back up.

I lost almost half a year of posting, which was important since I had some info about OOoCon2006 and also me finding a new job and moving to Guadalajara.

My gf still with me and it has been rough but we still mantaining and I hope we keep it like this till we meet again. At least we got some hope on finally meeting this summer and she might even move to the US.

Job has been good and I have been giving more talks at different places, now on FLOSS the next step is FLISOL which will happen in a month.

I also open some emergency blogs at Opera Blogs, and I am covering the changes at OOoCon2007.

So it seems all is pretty nice moving forward.