Chapters picking up, finally

Almost a year ago I decided to push the idea of chapters in the community, having one of the biggest community out there (the spanish one) we can’t regionally cover the whole continent and Spain. So we decided to do small cells that will have the hability to get some outreach activities.

Things like meetings, present themselves on events as well as organize some actions such as giving away or selling related merchandise like t-shirts and caps.

This will encourage and strenghten the push for overal community growth as well as be able to promote the suite on a face-to-face strategy.

This effort really didn’t pick up that much since there hasn’t realy been a roadmap on what to do. It had to happened what a few weeks ago did to make the people wake up and be enthusiastic about gettng together.

An email from Pato IVAC calling out on a face to face meeting on Wed 23th August launche a discussion on both Argentina and Mexico on how to meet on each country.

This are great news since it could be the step needed to encourage this face-to-face participation. There will still be the challenge of time, work schedules and all but at least this might reward the individuals on more knowledge and networking regarding using and promoting the product.