Getting information from URPMQ

Here are some options to get the information from the packages. When you are on the command line and plug some options to urpmi so we can know the description of the package.

urpmq -i package

The i is for the info of the packages, this displays the name, versions, release, group, size and summary.

The summary will have the packages information.

[user@localhost user]$ urpmq -i urpmiName             : urpmiVersion          : 4.4Release           : 37mdkGroup            : System/Configuration/PackagingSize                : 2141739                                    Architecture: noarchSummary       : User mode rpm install

It can also show some descriptions of the updates of that specific packages and why you needed the upgrade which is pretty cool in case you need that information. I did a

urpmq -i wget

and I got the following.

Last updated        : Thu Oct 13 15:12:45 2005Update importance   : securityReason for update   :A vulnerability in libcurl's NTLM function can overflow a stack-basedbuffer if given too long a user name or domain name in NTLMauthentication is enabled and either a) pass a user and domain name tolibcurl that together are longer than 192 bytes or b) allow (lib)curlto follow HTTP redirects and the new URL contains a URL with a user anddomain name that together are longer than 192 bytes.Wget, as of version 1.10, uses the NTLM code from libcurl and is alsovulnerable to this issue.The updated packages have been patched to address this issue.