Film of our life

So today I saw a movie that I should have watched ages ago. I remember Irina triying so hard for me to watch it and I end up falling asleep and even if I watched it I really didn’t feel it. — I am sorry for that babyLast week while she was with me she finally saw both movies (there was a second part) and told me to rent it asap. So today i did that and watch them from start to finish.I now see why she was so eager for me to watch it and I just sink in this sea of emotions. A really interesting movie that relates a lot with our relationship.I mean cmon, guy travel the world, then guy meet girls, then guy say bye to girl and then guy lives a miserable life.Not saying that I will live a miserable life or whatever, but my life really has been horrible without her. I really loose any focus on it since I left her and yes, I sound like a soap opera girl who waits for that magic moment when they live happily ever after and make the whole audience vomit.Anyway the movie is great, is an independent movie which I love and I used to watch a lot when I was living in Boston. The cable back then used to put Independent Film Cinema which was sometimes bizzare and sometimes wonderful. It was always an experience watching that channel.