My Girlfriend is just beautiful

OK so I might sound like a guy that is just pumping my GF head to maximum dimensions but really, she doesnt even read this podcast anymore so this is entirely just me thinking and realizing how beautiful she is. She has gone back to her country and while I am spending most of my time re-arranging the hundred of pics we got I really find myself staring at some of her pics. And she just look adorable, like really adorable and wanted to dedicate a post about the reflection on why I think she is so beautiful.Now i am not really a fan of this style of beuty, the euro-centric concept of beauty is not really something I am a follower. Sometimes I even wonder why I am with her if I really am fascinated with more darker kind of girls.However I honestly have to say that she captivate me with her beauty on this pictures she took. Maybe is the wet hair, the really subliminal lightning that look a bit angelic.Now really, look at her:


Her eyes are really calm and they look so serene while her lips just look so sexy, the wet hair was just amaizing and the blue sky just enhace that exclusive captivity on the way she look at the cam.