Preparing for Vacations

So finally my vacations will start on what I hope to be my best vacations ever. My girlfriend will be fliying from Romania to visit me for 18 days and hope to enjoy and spend the most time together and happy.

I will also divorce from computing and also face some odd scenarios with my family and my gf. It will be interesting how this atmosphere behaves. Also there have been some discussion about the moral involved in sleeping with my gf while I am at my parents house. However everything got digested and now we can move forward on that.

The pool is still being in repairs and even if the most of the work has been done there still minor details to have it usable. I hope this issue gets solved by the time we are back from it.

So the itinerary will be the following:
– We will get together in Mexico city around 6pm at the airport and spend the first night there.
– Then we will move to Veracruz and have a nice time at the beach and downtown veracruz as well as Boca del Rio.
– We will spend 3 nights in Veracruz and then we will see if we move to coatzacoalcos or if we will go to my hometown.
– We will go to Villahermosa, and either stay for a long time or will just be for a few days after going to cancun.
– In cancun we plan to have the most fun of everywhere and will be all over the place. We plan to stay there for 3 days also and then go back to Villahermosa to then go to Mexico city and say bye to her.

So in total it will be just 17 days which will include 2 day to on Mexico City, 4 days in Veracruz, 1 day in Coatzacoalcos and 3 days in Cancun which will total 9 days.

So I will be spending at my place for 7 days and with a budget of 2300 USD. I hope everything works out for the best and that we come to have a good time. I will be posting some pictures regarding our vacations.