Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 10 – Mental Shields

When I was young, I remember a class where they taught us how to defend ourselves not with our fiest but with our minds. Similar to what RZA said in one of his verses on Graveddigaz:

Have you not heard, that words kill as fast as bullets /
when you load negative thoughts, to the chamber of your brain

So this technique was to deliver what is mental shields this make the words people throw at you not reach you. Usually with people that you have lived so much, you tend to be more resiliant to their words. So even if really awful things come of their mouth, it might not hurt since you know that person to know his true feelings.

Words are good because it let us express our emotions, but words are bad because it limit our message and emotios too. This is when we can’t really reach the other one by simple words, simple thoughts and emotions that are disipated by these mental shields.

Is really important know how to manage this shields but also how to break through it. Some people might listen but not understand, communication is a broken system however is the only one we have and we need to strive to make it as acurate as possible.

The problem is the missinformation and missrepresentations, everything really is missrepresented since two humans really can’t think alike on their uniqueness they will represent things slightly different. We need to make this representations as similar as possible.

There is really no true solution, but just a description on how much humans need to break free from words into other means of communication.

Episode 10