Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 1 – Humanity

This is one of the most important and thought provoking series I have ever seen. I orignally watched this series a few years ago, thanks to You Tube I have the chance to watch it again and also comment on them.

However because of the great series of thoughts this provoke a 500 word comment will just not do it. So I decided to use my blog and actually write articles about it.

The first episode, I never watch it, I pick up the series a few episodes ahead so the intro really shows us the way Humanity view itself. Basically is a stupid human supperiority which is pointless, we are selfish and naive beings. Even with all our knowledge about our relative insignificance we are so stupid to think that everything is shapend around us.

I have been in different countries and there is always a nationalist feeling but also a nationalist-centric mentality when we really think the whole world is girating and waiting on our country action. Even countries such as Romania, the famous US and the also influential England.

However we also have this human-centric vision of the whole world, the universe and the galaxies were made rightfully for us. However even within our planet the whole human history is insignificant.

Just like Carl Sagan said on one of his episodes if the history of the planet was distributed in 1 year, the whole history of humankind would be resume on the last minute of the last day of that year.

This episode also show about the birth of Arjuna as the ender of time which is basically the action part of the series. However have some interesting insights about life after death and the relativity of things when you die. Enjoy.

Episode 1