Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 9 – Babies

Do you know that babies don’t cry when they are born? They just moan a little to expell the liquid from the uterus. However the way hospitals give birth to babies under a strong light and culturaly a strong cry is proof of the babies health.

This is one of the strongest dialogs in this episode, where the way mothers are disconnected from the babies thought. When the baby try to communicate with the mother through dreams or feelings, a baby is really a soul being divided from the mother.

The funny thing is that the mother is usually feeling the same feelings that the baby, this is like a split personality and usually mothers experience heavy mood change.

The episode describes the way the babies decide when they are supposed to come to the world and even elect the place. This is pretty interesting since our culture and medicine is completely ignorant to this thoughts and also having a sressful delivery might propagate through out the person’s life.

Great episode, this one another one that really caught my attention and have more relevance from this series.

Episode 9