Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 8 – Transcendental Meditation

Very related with my last post about Words and the way we could communicate. Arjuna is on a phone call and she sudenly transport herself in mind to Tokyo’s room (tokyo is her bf). Usually this is what we called Transcendental meditation or consiousness, which is when a person leaves his body and presence itself in another location on a similar way we perceive memories.

Here is when Juna feels closest to Tokyo on the series but beyond that point is interesting acknowledging the option of a higher level of communication. It might sound corny but I have experience some type of connection, untangible connection with my gf also. Things that have no logical explenation except coinsidense.

Today my mom ask me a similar question around this topics. She ask me about the definition of metaphysics. I basically told her is something like untangible laws like magnetism, positive and negative energy and things that we can’t perceive fully. I dumb it down relating it to as a weird science and something that we have very radical answers and very inacurate in itself and is usually tied to beliefs, religion and or esoterism. I have to recognize that I dont completely agree with that but I guess I felt something apropriate to mention at the moment.

Episode 8 part 2