Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 8: Food

This is one of my most important episodes of the series actually this is the one that moved me really. I guess because as opposed to be about interpersonal relationship is really about world needs. About health, food, and birth process. Things that we can’t deny and that usually serves as checkpoints that we need a difference.

If the most powerful nations reorganize the way we eat by reducing the levels of meat consumption we could erradicate world hunger.

What is important is that we need to know how much food is being wasted from the G8 everyday and how much could that feed. However this vision is simplistic, the issue goes beyond that into actual phisical distribution.

As transportation of goods becomes more efficient in the north hemisphere, is really distribution models what the sound lack on. Brazil has an enormous wealth on resources while Africa also has a strong resources the terrestial distribution is very very underdevelop.

So to pick up a flight from NY to London is way cheaper than fly from Rio to Ghana. This makes the price of whatever you want to take extremely expensive even if the resources are wasted in the first country.

Episode 8