Arjuna Thoughts: Episode 7 – Words

Recently I discover how YouTube start to become an interest way of watching anime that have been so strong and thought provoking. I recently found the series Arjuna which is one of the most though provoking anime series I have ever seen. The best thing is that I can show it to people and people can actually embrace that same experience at least to a higher level.

This episode is so powerful, the way that we communicate through words but at the same time we communicate in other ways like through art, numbers, and even communicate wtih other beings like earth itself.

Usually they say God talks through you through your enviroment, have access to your thoughts and how humans only use 10% of their brain and are so limited in regard to their through potential.

They mention that many people get trapped in the words, and words become what is holding us back.

Usually blind people have stronger sensorial sense because they have been limited by their sight, so if we were limited on our words would we develop other more higher levels to speak to god/earth/enviroment/people?

Episode 7