I confess… I am a liar

I have been thinking about our realness and fakeness when it comes to music. I often listen to an album and pick my favorites, but then MTV or whatever starts telling me which one I should like.

When the opposite happen, I am just looking for the hit dismissing the whole album.

This scenario is terribly destructive to the artist. Simply because the label choose a hit song, we will follow the trend ignoring our actual music preference.

Now I am talking about the microspace of an album, not generalizing to liking a trend or a singer. But an example right here…

Recently I have been listening to RJD2 which is a great group. However when I first listen to them I liked that song, but then I research on them and I have found which one is the good one, and ever since I have been conditionated to listen to that one and is soon becoming a favorite.

However is this just proving that I have no faith on my individual taste? Of course this is contradictory with my earlier post about trusting my musical taste.