Why I love YouTube

Through out the 90’s I b-came really close to hip hop and pick up one of the greatest group ever The Wu-Tang Clan and it was no dissapointment.

I remember my first albums I got pick ed up was some singles like [track]Incarcerated Scarfaces[/track] – [track]Ice Cream[/track] from the OB4CL.

I didn´t knew the wu, nor raekwon nor ghost but I just put it on and could meet the grittiness I came to love for years after.

That was more than 12 years ago and I still love to hear that hypnotic beat and Meth yelling on his unique voice for this rap niggaz all up in your guts.

I love the sound, I got BET and I pick up some of the videos. I was impressed with [track]Cold World[/track] from GZA – Genius. However one thing I never came to see is the live presentations, this is where Youtube has recapture all that footage like the concert was live stream or like the video was just released.

I have had the chance to watch the video of that Incarcerated Scarfaces from the rooftop of the building and the live presentations such as this one.