Listening to Brazilian Jazz Bossa Nova

I have been looking to discover new music lately, and have been going to the more old school exotic Brazilian Jazz. So far I got some artists like Astrud Gilberto with The Girl From Ipanema which seems to have been interprate before by other cats such as Antônio Carlos Jobim.

Being so focus on american music sometimes people ignore the world out there. There is a lot of hip hop going on on other countries, famous groups such as Paraziti, DJ Tomekk, Diaz and Zabio.

However when it comes to music, I think that this language barriers no longer matter since the music alone usually can be appreciate whenever is Alicia Keys or a girl from Fiji island.

So far we seem to just be looking for the manifestation of the real world on the internet as opposed to looking for the internet to change our real world. When people get this, a true revolution might start.