Sayin’ Something

So I have start looking on other people’s journal and unfortuantely most of my favorite artists are just mentioned in a huge list.

Not that there is anything wrong, just that is usually not the way I usually will talk about an artist.

So one of my favorite artists right now is Immortal Technique, who is a group that is pretty raw which I like to compare with Jedi Mind Tricks.

I personally was impressed with the overal vision of this group. They pretty much explain in details most of the issues not just from an american point of view but an international one. Very few americans know or understand the ramifications of the US actions world wide. Also the sentiment of a foreign power regulating their economy, freedom and technology.

Is also interesting having the american point of view which remind me of how Romans label the rest of the world barbarians. Same way that british label the natives in India, NZ and North America.

The american people might not have a racial difference but a nationality difference. Is funny how to see the usual american ignorance when it comes to geography and the clasic discussion about calling USA America where the rest of the continent calls america to the continent and US to the US.

Immortal Technique brings this sentiment and other even more dark about the so called anti-american sentiment, and also uncovers the acts done on the US’s best interest. This group is by far more than just music.

It also remind me of a more underground Wu-Tang Clan and more to the point, RZA where he went on the racial vein and communicate the same sentiment but against the black race. [track]The Night the earth cry[/track] is a good example of the oppression exposed to lyrics that have make hip hop produce so much inspiration.

This why I love hip hop and I love listening to the nice flow but they can flow all they want but is nothing when they lack any actual message.