Adobe Suck Ass

Listening to one of my favorite podcasts called LinuxActionShow which mention one of the developers from Adobe to get Flash 9 running on Linux.

The post is a bunch of excuses about complexity and just that Linux is way too hard to get Flash 9 running on it. How could they find no hassles with the Mac OSX version?

there are some standard facilities and APIs that Windows and Mac operating systems provide to applications that Linux simply doesn’t. To be sure, it’s not that Linux can’t do XYZ, it’s that there are so many ways to do XYZ.

Maybe if he was more specific about what parts are those he can actually get this problems over it.

What exactly has to happened for Linux to make it compatible with Flash. I mean the compilers are the same on both OS, OSX and or Linux and Unix.

I like the fact that at least he is testing it on Gentoo so there aren’t many changes to the source. However not providing with the information to fix the bugs, it just becomes a baby cry and castrating the linux community from getting an update to the extremely old Flash 7.