We need an entrepreneur forum

It seems that SoyEntrepreneur is passing by a great opportunity and users when it comes to launching their own company and networking to do business. Well another thing is that this is web 2.0 and many tools are available to stimulate this market and I am feeling a buzz about being the one that brings it.

SoyEntrepreneur answer is a bit strange to not say ridiculous, they recognized the success of the forums and the need for the reader community. However they make some arguments specifiying technical reasons and promoting solutions and products that they will happily sell to that audience.

It seems they discover it was a great networking tool and that they weren’t cashing on this opportunity and they took it down. Another reason could be that they had some legal issue and they had to stop.

Making a forum about entreprenurship might be a fun thing to test and see how popular it becomes. Since there has been some lack of development on this part, making a webiste about entreprenurship might be a bit odd since I have been holding my horses for the longest. However I recognize there is a need and I know I can easily satisfy such so I am thinking about building a foropreneur.com which will bring networking solutions.