MVC addiction

A few days ago I wanted to try several python frameworks but now I want to change my tune. I am basically triying to grip the development of mvc frameworks.

After Ruby on Rails addiction from the development community, we now have several MVC frameworks on different language. PHP now pulled out Symfony. Python has many but the one I have looked at are Django and TurboGears.

The greatest thing to come here is AJAX while I think is pure hype I have been following closely. I have been listening to one of the podcast called Ajaxian. Which has some nifty talks about the future of the AJAX development as well as XUL and other frameworks.

AJAX currently have some renowned frameworks, Scriptaculous, Mochikit and Dojo. Mochikit is the one included in Turbogears as well as some old folk I met when I wanted to learn the frameworks called CherryPy

So let see how far I get here, I hope I can get everything working by the time I get to quit again šŸ™‚