Violence in Mexico

Today my dad start telling me about some events that went down on the weekend. The story sounds like taken out of some gangster movies or worst, drug lord movies. There seems to be some drug wars going on where there are some people that are being killed and other that are being protected.

Discovery Channel once ran a report about some big cartel where a big drug lord called “Heaven Lord” or Señor de los cielos became famous for mutilating parts of their captures and sending it with a ransom petition.

I am not sure if I am mixing two things here but they also mention about the right hand man was a guy called El Metro. The interesting part is that this guy is from Tabasco, and just a couple of years ago he was captured.

El Metro’s nephew was killed last week on another mafia story where he was almost killed then rescued and lousily secured and during midnight the hospital was intruded and the guy was killed by 24 shots.

Now the story comes around the rescue of a couple of mafia people who were captured by the police. The department was surrounded by some black suburbans and people heavily armed start shooting at the police station. They failed and then they came wtih more firepower and high caliber weaponery such as bazooca´s granades etc.

The street became a war site and with high firepower shootout they failed rescuing the captured guy’s. This seems is not the end and more stuff will be going on. The guys that were detained were sent to Mexico City and it seems there will be a lot of things going on in the future.