Permission Mess at Home

On friday we had a big storm and the result was my AC with no power. This also caused my desktop to get a corrupted root partition. The corrupted root partition was under xfs and I was too laizy to try to restore it and result into a installation spree.

I already got my installation but somwhere in the process my users got messed up services. Today I finally fix it but it was tricky.

So the problem was the following, I have my home directory with 3 users however the folders were under a different owner/group and doing chown/chgrp will solve it partially since it will just affect the regular folders but in linux we got some hidden folders that start with a .folder/ and this folders will have some files and so on.

This could be solved by doing the recursive flag ‘-R’ however when you combine this with an asterisk ‘*’ this make the recursive go and write not just the current files but also up the tree back to /home/ and even root directory.

To solve it, I have to take rid of the asterisk and start managing this from the /home/ folder. Eliminating the asterisk it solve the problem since it wont go up the tree when I put the dot before the asterisk.

The final command looks something like this:

chown user -R /home/user/