Migration Tutorials

Lately I have seen a lot of Linux magazines… ok I saw it on TUX magazine and Linux Reality about people asking for tutorails that actually migrate from Windows to Linux. Meaning that explains the way you do it on windows and the way you do it on Linux.

For example I will do a small tutorial to do the thing people do on Windows and then on Linux.

Windows Ways

  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click on User Accounts
  • Activate a New User
  • Specify the Priviledge

On Linux (with LinuxConf):

  • Go to LinuxConf
  • Select Users
  • Type your name and password as well as real name
  • Log out or switch session with the new account

On Linux (from Command Line):

  • Open a terminal
  • Type

    and type your password

  • type

    and the name of the user

Having more of this Windows/Linux guides might be what many ex-windows users criying for.