First Linux Trainnig

Yesterday I conclude my first trainnig on Linux to a bunch of kids from the university. This made me reflect about a bunch of linux and new users. Linux is currently a great OS however a lot of people has no experience on this.

Many people are waiting on someone to take their hands to install linux on their computers. A few months ago the only option was using proprietary software such as Partition Magic. Now we got an alternative with Gparted.

The point is simple, do we have a site dedicated to the Linux Switch movement. To the process of switching, starting from miltimedia such as youtube videos podcasts and basically A HELPING HAND.

Linux Reality, the linux video station, and the getting started manual might pull up the trick.

Another thing that I found was the informatic generations across the age range. Programs like dIRC or mIRC, vlan and ICQ had long been forgoten. WinZip had vanished and the casual computer user had actually less computer knowledge than in the past. Yet antique and sometimes obsolete pltform such as turbo C and Pascal.

New technology such as Ruby on Rails, Python and Mono might been skip forward for more marketed technologies such as .Net and Java. However the lack of depth into this languages might do more right than wrong. Because they will get just the ins but not a level o afvance without more investment.

Will linux help the local university?
Will linux actually enhace the level of IT and transform the university?

My next trainning course will improve dramatically and i hope we can get this working asap. When you touch linux, don’t wonder if linux touch you back.