Welcome back drama

So my old pal drama has visit my relationship with my gf, this past months has been drama free and all joy and happiness to see each other between me and my gf. However on an extremely bizzare turn of events drama visit back on us and on a really strange way we got off to a long arguing about tears and blame on each other.

To make matter worst a stalker show up and start attempting on our relationship. With a very thought attack on separating us and disolving our relationship. What is funny is that I didnt got really mad, I got a bit upset but wasn’t angry or just making a big deal out of the whole thing.

Maybe because my actual day was so nice until then and I really was hoping for the best. It did got me worry, specially at the point when I start to read all this intimate private stuff with my gf being posted and mocked by the stalker with his email and even showing me a pic of him about to kiss my gf.

The interesting thing which might be a good and bad part is that I think is our right to live our life right now and as long as we didnt cheat on our face i guess whatever we did when we were away was ok simply because my expectations has never really been too high that is easy to miss.

At the end I am just focus on one thing and this distraction really didnt move me in anyway. However, I don’t know if I can’t say the same for my gf, the criying and the overal mood was kind of depressing specially when I know we will be ok in the end. I really didn’t want to feel her getting hurt and nor did I want this whole thing to become a bigger deal.

So nice play drama, you really save yourself for today, I really hope u leave us alone until maybe 8 months from now. I wish this was the end of drama and not the start of a streak, I think we will become more pressured as we move into the deadline and all documents have to be submited.

Right now I am only worry about the flight ticket and get everything in order to transfer the money. Untill then I really wish everything remains as cool as it has been until today.