Moving to Gnome

So I decided to move back to Gnome, after using KDE for quite a while I am glad to say that I like it. I don’t however fall in love with it. Actually the feeling of being using a very windows like envieroment made me move back to Gnome and XFCE4. I will come back, and I will use KDE in the future but it wont be my primary desktop.

I am glad that the KDE people are really looking into integrating the web with the desktop and I hope this trend continues. I most admit that it was a pleasant ride.

Gtk just feels at home and going back to the Gnome desktop might be just what I need to get my productivity up. Hope to come back to KDE later and see a much mature desktop, right now I cant wait to see how mature has Gnome become since I left almost 8 months ago.