Getting things done for Irina

So finally all the documentation was submited to the national immigration office to start the permit to get Irina green light to come here. I am pretty excited but at the same time very nervous about what could happen. Specially the mexican bureacracy that is not usually the best when it comes to speed.

After some paperwork they request me actually more paperwork and by the end of the day I submit a real chunk piece of documentation. This is really shocking for an internet guy like me, I mean I am not impressed by the ammount of data but by the impracticality of it.

I think I optimized by putting several pics in the letter, however they want a separate paper with each picture which was funny since the reason is to make it look more bulkier.

Well now all I am thinking is the ticket and the pricetag, once I get the ticket payed I will feel more confortable thinking about her comming here for real. Specially since that date will be more fixed and better chance to get a reply. I think things are going great and all I need is to send the money to my american account and get ready for it.