OOo on the NEW media

Today I launch a call for action in order to push OOo brand out there and on the mouth of the new landscape of the new media. The web 2.0 has been greatly benefited wtih the spread of content on different media, not just the blogs, podcast and vidcast but also the audience hunger for content.

We now see this small but fastly growing podcasts efforts spreading across the web with the call for either learning more about tech, or just giving rants and raves about the favorite topics.

This is a unique opportunity for OOo to bring itself on the mouth of everyone. Since another string of the Web 2.0 is based on the open feedback of the audience. We are able to communicate back what we think and event mold the source.

This empowerment of the community is where OOo might have a greater shot by making the OOo community push the OOo product on their favorite media, whenever is blog, Podcast, and/or VideoCast.