OGMRip logo

Today I just create a couple of logos for the OGMRip project, the project is a neat script that will go through mencoder, oggenc and other vorbis tools to automate the ripping of a DVD into a OGM file.

The OGG file format is a free audio and video formats and with all the new things comming up in the media space, this might be a good chance for OGG to be the most available file format out there.

Mp3 is very well stablished but the video space it’s chaos, many many formats float around and some had died and some had lived on with an others have generate a lot of clauses and hangs for using it.

From proprietary players, to codecs within file formats or file extensions had made the video space very very confusing.

Today I took some of my dad’s CD’s and rip them on his office computer so he doesnt need to go through th eprocess on loading the CD’s. I found out that Windows comes wiht Windows Media player which push you to use their format even if the mp3 is more stablished format.

Apple does the same with ACC and not only that but ask u to add ‘protection’ so that other computers can’t play it. Seirosly the media has apply presure on the commercial brands to limit their format.

So what is there to do? Well basically open standards such as OGG and OGM look like the sanctuary for media that we want to live for a while. Years and years from now we will still be able to play this formats that hopefully will become open standard.