Tracing sex behaviors

most people in the US at least comes from middle eastern religions, whenever islam, judaism or christianity. However it will be interesting seen how other communities of the world treat sex. Even if I dont think is very well documented except when is extremely negative, such as topics regarding female circumsicion or violent acts such as rape and or abuse.

I often think about our view of sex as westerners against other parts of the globe. Specially the more isolated areas. Is also amusing when we compare it with other species on the animal kingdom specially primates.

Christianity for one part took place in a rather promiscuos time in Rome and some of it’s comandments were shaped around the ideao to reform society to this patterns. So treat of conduct to slaves, monogamy and other details were brought through etiher as justification for health concerns or society structure.

From what I have research it seems Egypt was a very sexual society, and childrens usually take part of the act helping their parents to copulate. I heard something similar with aztecks and greeks. If we compare ourself as a global society I think we are way more restrictive not only in US but as a global generation that have much more less sex than 2000 years ago.

Ok I got way too preachy here, maybe this should have been in a blog instead… maybe I will