OpenDocument reach ISO standard

the OASIS Open Document Format spec is now an international standard. Its designation is ISO/IEC 26300. It passed without oppostion. (There were a few abstentions.) There was very broad support worldwide.

Took a bit while but finally, ODT has reached the ISO standard and now we can truly say that ODT is an open standard as well as build a platform for evangelist to push open standard on the office space. Office applications are the groundbase of popular computing and having an open XML standard will put the main focus on this issue.

As we strive to implement OpenDocuments on our workplace, govenrment enviroments and finally business and home use. community is learning what the OpenDocument flag is making their proposal gain a whole lot of empowerment.

Simon Phipp’s already has been publishing some notes regarding the explotion:

If we wish, we can now draw a base-line across the productivity tools market and tell our suppliers we will not tolerate further competition and lock-in below that line.