Disecting OOoDic

Laurent Gogard is one of the premier developers in the OOo community, his contributions have been outstanding. I have yet to thank him for all the effort he has put on the project and the amount of things I have learned from him.

Laurent really got exposure when he create a macro capable of easy download and install a dictionary within the OOo program and automatize the process of localizing a OOo distribution.

This macro was a Wizard called OOoDic which stands for OpenOffice.org Dictionaries. Now I start to generate a disection or an analisis of the code used at OOoDic and try to explain each part of the code.

The article has been posted on the OOo related site called OOoXtremo.org and is an interesting read. This article is just part one of this disection, where it just talk generally about the main modules and the functions of the first module.

The second part will take 2 other modules and will start finding key related processes finalizing with an interview to Laurent himself where he will answer some of the notes on how to generate your own OOo Wizard.