Crossroad on the hgihway

Recently my gf got the last rejection from the american colleges and ever since then I have been really sad. The feeling of her not reaching her goals makes me wonder about what part do I play in her life and what part does she.

I have serious dobuts about the rules of engagement, specially since I need to be also aware of what are my true strenghts to be able to help her. I am triying to avoid that in an intend to help her I get her into a bigger trouble that she ever had.

I wonder what could I do if my present situation was different and I was more able to do things on my own and also take the responsability of someone else. And even then, what could came out of this adventure. I am totally sure I want to continue my relationship, and I wont let stuff stand by us, but I also know that this stubborness to let go might cause a bigger harm and also a waste of time eventually.

She is young and she will make more decisions in life regarding love and relationships, I dont think I have the right to take that away from her. I also dont think I could take that away from myself. So is very controvertial and at the middle a decision that might change everything around our world.

Moving in is a huge step and I really wish this is a the first step of a solid relationship but at the same time I am not sure if it could be the first step for something else.

When the time comes I know i will be readiy and wont have doubts but until then I am triying to convince myself that really this step will save our relationship on a race against destiny/faith or whatever that have keep us apart.