The ‘Precious’ has just arrived

So in a true geek fashion I just got my latest toy and yeah I am excited like a kid on a christmas morning. I got the Linux-Powered Nokia 770. Which is basically a long, loooong repressed lust.

Ever since the Zaurus came out I was in love with a linux pocket device, the feeling became stronger when I saw the new Japanese only versions of the device.

I was about to buy another device called the PepperPad which will allow me high degree of portability yet mantaining conectivity and being well — linux.

The only thing is that either I didnt have money available for that or I just didnt have time or was in the wrong country. Also the fact that on launch day, they pump up the price so much that it became unatractive.

However Nokia came with a device that even thought inferior to the Zaurus, the device has a lot of support from the community and a lot of press which make us Linux enthusiast even more horny for this kinds of toys.

And today finally is mine, the precious has arrived. As I open it slowly and find out I need to wait longer since the batery needed recharge. I continue to wait patiently and then finally I the device is working on my hands. I start surfing the net using the opera browser, which is my favorite browser above the rest.

My dad has a pocketpc but this is really another level of browsing is a true internet device. However this means that my dad actual usefulness is not there with the nokia since it doesnt have a PIM or a sync option makeing the device less of a PDA and more like a portable media.

At the end I am a very happy man and I am definetly excited about the things to come regarding my new toy.