book on the way

Speaking on skype with Milijenko Williams we started brainstorming on profitables projects we can engage. Finally after a lot of thinking, the idea of writting a book might be a good project to start making some hard cold cash.

Milijenko is a guy that has specialized on content creation and I think this is a great asset for this project. Since we can actually start getting this project of the ground and into the stores.

The topic couldn’t be better since the community has put special effort on building migration guides and the contact with consulting firms might give us a sharper expertise about how to to put on the small and medium business.

We will start by talking about what are the core business needs and what are the goals of the office suite in the everyday tasks. Addressing issues such as third party software integration with MSO, clients and providers using MSO and the whole lack of policy in house to manage information.

Another important target is for to reach some of the most common business efforts such as invoicing, account management, fianancial tools, data analisys, presentation software, high document editing for collaborative efforts. The use of the higher level tools for and finally the integration with the automation tasks. Looking for macros that would make some tasks easy on OOo and even providing some effort to make native macros for the popular MSO ones.