Communication with my Girlfriend

So recently my relation with my gf has changed a bit, I think we have got less passionate and more intelligent about make a strategy to survive and endure time.

Since we are realizing that time is really getting to a point where our relation is unstable and volatile. We decided to put our root deeper in the ground and basically invest more time with each others taking advantage of the way we talk.

Talking and getting to know each other is something we really want to push forward. This might be the only way to insure our future away from each other. Basically when you got someone that knows you so well is hard to let go even if that happens, is just too good to be replacesable.

So whats the first step, well first is comming up clean, yea that means clean out the closset and tell her about what I did and what I didn’t. I also want to tell her about my true feelings for her, and well just tell her about the enviroment surrounding me and most important about hers. I do want her to open up to me and really start trusting me, trust me like never before. At the end we will be able to start knowing what to do or not. Is incredible how little I know about my gf, is also incredible how little I have actually iinteracted with her.

Most of the stuff I have known about her is the same over and over, this means that I have seen her as a gf and as a daughter, I saw her as a friend once, but really 90% was my gf, and 9% was a daughter and only 1% was a best friend, I never saw her bieng a pupil, or just a regular girl driving by herself /through life.

Is interesting the way she thinks i actually enjoyed reading her essays as in many times I found myself thinking like her and I really enjoyed that feeling. She thinks I guess like a teenager, and yeah that is inspiring, yet her drama also remember my teenager years, I am not sure if I will leave to see the next wave, the one when you really just become compliant and just stop caring and start focus on your life. Now she is too worry about the world and triying to make sense of it, and yeah i just wonder if this will go away.

Interesting being the same age as my sis, I want to also see my sis as a girl, and just wonder what is she going through, my sis is a girl that really dont speak much about feelings, growing up with brothers well we kept it playful, never really serious and feelings were something secondary. I wonder if she actually opens to somebody, maybe she does but I don’t think so, she used to have a best friend now she is the social type but yet I think there is this space between her true feelings and the way she is.

Sometimes I feel that the more I understand my sis, I could also understand my gf, yet there are so different on the outside, that knowing them on the inside is just as unknown as any chance really.

I still think that raising the level of communication will actually make me learn more and better about my enviroment and the people I care for.