Quick Flight, new INGOT Center

So yesterday was an interesting day, I took a flight to mexico city, did a 6 hrs trainning and got a flight back home. Interesting weekend right? Somethings are good to happened since is great to have time to think and talk with people from other places.

Mexico city is NOT what I will call other places, but is at least different enough to think nationwide. The view is broader than Mexico city and they usually think on the wole country.

On the opposite, many still have a very local mentality, they believe that Mexico is an entity outside of the global policies and economic climate.

The apreciation is just too nationalistic, except, they are not very nationalistic. However, the good thing is to see that the country has been more stable economic wise and the country is very slowly growing economically.

Away from that it was an interesting experience giving INGOTs for the very first time to an audience. It’s different form one-on-one trainning. I liked the way it was given and that it also helped to understand the features of OpenOffice.org

In general it was a good experience and also new material for further trainning.