120,000 USD for OpenOffice.org

Why 120,000 USD and not more?Well maybe is more, what is important is what will a well managed budget can take OOo to become the best suite out there and 127,000 is the magic number for that.So what will 127 G’s will take us?I make a mock up of what a programmer usually earns and a whole team of programmers to finally come up with a budget for certain things that can make OOo excel. I also focus only on new features and didn’t took any house cleaning which is also expensive.This are the list of features that I choose for OOo:- E-mail Client 50K- Wikipedia 1K- Gmail 18K- Flckr 12K- Blogger 1K- 100 Templates 3K- Template service 12K- Calendaring 25K- Address Book 18KThe total comes to exactly 124K and is equivalent to 3900 hours of work.To be able to make to justify this budget I also have a pre-budget to have programmers up to speed. Each programmer will get around 30,000 worth of training or 6 months. This can well be programmers starting from scratch without specializing on any language. This is rarely a scenario since most programmers will already be required to know XML, JAVA / C++ and the training will focus on UNO which will stand for 15,000 or 3 months.The only feature broken down is the E-Mail client which stands at 50K. The project will include the generation of new interfaces for UNO, new services, UI and integration scripts for new features such as calendaring and the regular OOo document management.So this will be the major tasks and cost attached to it:- Interface 7K- Services 5K- Integration menu 3K- UI 10K- Processor 10K- Integration calendar 7K- Integration Address Book 5KI am not an experience programmer and my area of contribution to the OOo community is not on the development side. So putting an actual price tag is not guaranteed. However this bring some numbers out and a budget could be started to be worked on.The interesting part is that 50,000 is not much, if you do a simple survey how many companies will put money to get an email client integrated into OOo you can come up with at least 800 companies. If you come with 100, they could give out just 500 dls to get that implemented, this equal to less than 1 license of M$ in their company.