Moving to Opera 9

I just installed opera 9 on my SuSE Linux desktop, after installing and rebooting the browser I found a message saying that this is still a beta version and I should back up my email. I wonder how to migrate my email without getting it broken I do my backups and all but after I back up, then what, does that means my email is gonna be safe? and how do I re-incorporated into the new browser.

I think is rather a better questions for the forums rather than the blog, anyway Opera seems to be doing lots of good stuff lately, from getting into mobile devices like Nokia 770 and the Nintendo DS I am looking forward for opera to get into other devices such as kiosk and car computers.

By the way is opera even like encourage the industry to put computers in cars, I have seen cars with computers for a while but still no real device. I guess maybe because the biggest hurdle is how to operate a computer while driving.