Pushing Hylafax

Today I had a big meeting with what I want to see as the investor and manager of the first linux solutions here in Tabasco. The issue, like always, is money, is about business development and support. I build a project to support the hylafax project for companies here. I want to develop hylafax as a first try to start making companies look at his company and also innovate.

I believe that innovation is a field that might rule here in Tabasco even if the people is very apathic to new things that are not covered in eye candy.

So the deal is basically I will develop the technology meaning learning and mastering the technology, and the instalation and support processes. Then certifiying the hardware so we dont have many surprising and finally positioning on the market.

The issue is that he really wants to see how much money can he gets yet he dont want to invest. He wants to realocate resources but he wont put cash which is what I am pushing forward to.

The negotiation might be hard since money will always take toll on time and not realizing that will cause the project to fail.