Welcome to Mexico Irina

More and more I have been thinking about my girlfriend comming to mexico. It’s weird picturing here here in the house and well is freaky. I have never brought a girl to my place, meaning here in Mexico. I usually motels and her place was good enough. I start realizing how open my room is, with big glasses all over my room.

After realizing that she was here sleeping with me everyday I started picturing her around my parents and well intimacy and ur close family just make me nervous.

So how should my gf like to go in mexico, what does she expect? And finally the food, god the food maybe that will be enough to keep here here :p

After all it might be nice if I can pic her up at Mexico City where we could go to Veracruz where we will have some contact with the sea and the beach. Then I wanna go home and then take it to Chiapas and this place called ‘El Cañon del sumidero’. Finally go to CanCun and the mayan ruins in Yucatan, at the same time I want to spend as much time with her as possible.

I really want her to have the best vacations ever. Even if there is so much I want to do with her I guess I need to make her feel happy and enjoy Mexico but not more than me. By that I mean I think she came to see me and not my country which is important so I can give her what she wants.

I am a bit sad that we are seen that she will be very very short period and it will just never be enough for us. I wonder how will it all go and I cant wait to see that face show up at the airport.